Meadowlark Farm

Selling grass-fed lamb and pastured poultry since 1989


Meadowlark Farm has been raising and selling grass-fed lamb and pastured poultry to discriminating eaters in southwest Idaho and eastern Oregon for over 20 years.  We are proud to be a part of the new Boise Farmers Market .

You'll still find us in downtown Boise on Saturday mornings starting in April 2013.  We are joining several other farmers in starting the Boise Farmers Market.  If you want to purchase your food locally, directly from the farmer who grew it in a lovely market atmosphere, the new Boise Farmers Market is for you.

In 2013, we will be raising very few chickens.  The global grain industry is currently being affected by a variety of issues from last year's drought in the Midwest and Russia, to bio fuels, to more meat consumption in China.  Our chicken feed prices have increased 20% this year already.  If you are willing to pay $5.00 per pound for a whole chicken (3-5 pounds), we'll grow it.  Contact us immediately to reserve a chicken for 2013.

We are proud to be one of the few Idaho farms that is Animal Welfare Approved.   Presently, just our sheep are certified, but we hope to have our poultry certified soon.  

 Animal Welfare Approved audits and certifies family farms that raise their animals with the highest animal welfare standards, outdoors, on pasture or range.  The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has lauded these standards for two years running as being the most stringent when compared to other third-party certification programs. Visit for a searchable database of approved farms and restaurants, shops and markets where our farmers’ products are sold. Choose the one independent food label that means healthy, safe, environmentally responsible and humanely raised.